Delta Sun Stainless Steel SWH



The non-pressure gravity feed complete system consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, an insulated storage tank, feedertank anda stand. The evacuated glass tube are filled with water and exposed to the sun. Thus heating up the water in the glass tubes. As the specific gravity of cold water is heavier than hot water, the hot water in the glass tubes starts to rise in the insulated water tank and the cold water in the tank sinkinto the glass tubes. As this cycle is repeated, water in the solar water heatergets heated. This process is known as thermo siphonand is based on natural convection.



Body type:                 Stainless Steel

Tube length:                1800mm

Outer tube diameter:   58mm

Inner tube diameter:   47mm

Glass thickness:          1.6mm

Thermal expansion:     33X10-60•C

Absorpivity :               ≥95%

Coating:                     AL-NA-L

Inner Tank:                SUS304-2Bwith 0.8 mm thickness Stainless

Outer Tank:                Steel with 0.6mm thickness Stainless

Frame:                       Steel with 1.5mm thickness

Insulation:                 50mm of high density polyurethane foam


TUBE  को बारेमा

  1. Cupper Coated, Black  Board Pant Layer र बाहीरी  तह  गरि 3 leayrs भएको
  2. भित्री भागमा Cupper  Coated Vacuum Tube भएको
  3. 35mm असिना  (हेलस्टोन) सहने क्षमता प्रमाण्ति भएको
  4. बोरन सिलिकेड Glass Tube द्धारा निर्मित
  5. Cupper  Layer र Cupper दुबैमा उपलब्घ
  6. घामको ताप सोस्ने क्षमता भएको 
  7. पत्येक Tube मा कम्पनिको लोगो भएको
  8. Tube  भित्रको पानिको तापक्रम द्दछण्ड्डऋ 250º C सम्म हुने
  9. जडान गर्न सजिलो
  10. जडान पछि आकर्शक देखिने
  11. मर्मत गर्न नपर्ने

Stainless Steel 36 Tubes Capacity 450 L

Ideal for 8-9 Persons 36 Tubes Tank Capacity 380 L Tank + Tube Capacity 450 L
रु 188,800.00

Stainless Steel 30 Tubes Capacity 380 L

Ideal for 6-7 Persons 30 Tubes Tank Capacity 320 L Tank + Tubes Capacity 380 L
रु 99,000.00

Stainless Steel 24 Tubes Capacity 300 L

Ideal for 5-6 Persons 24 Tubes Tank Capacity 240 L Tank + Tube Capacity 300 L
रु 79,200.00

Stainless Steel 20 Tubes Capacity 250 L

20 Tubes Tank Capacity 220 L Tank + Tube Capacity 250 L
रु 66,000.00

Stainless Steel 15 Tubes Capacity 200 L

Ideal for 3-4 Persons Tank Capacity 190 L Tank + Tube Capacity 200 L
रु 49,500.00